The Dutch Don't Dance Division tours various schools in The Hague every autumn. We present a dance performance that encourages children to think about various social themes. Below you can find the productions of recent years.


Grenze(n)loos | Autumn 2020

Grenze (n) loos is a theatrical, physical and sensational dance performance without words. The performance continues where the previous school performance #PEST of The Dutch Don't Dance Division ended!

Defining your personal boundary, accepting each other's boundaries and the limited possibilities of social media form the lines of this performance. Furthermore, literal borders and immigration and refugee problems play an important role in our multicultural world. In this performance DeDDDD treats the students to a strong example of modern and classical dance.

* This educational performance is no longer available.

#PEST | 2018 & 2019

The educational performance '#PEST' ​​is suitable for primary school students group 7 & 8 and high school students 1st and 2nd class. By making the subject of bullying tangible and discussable with dance as a physical language, students are confronted with the consequences that bullying entails.


#PEST 'was developed in collaboration with Holland Dance Festival.

* This educational performance is no longer available.


MOVES! | 2014 t/m  2018

Together with Holland Dance, The Dutch Don't Dance Division has developed an educational project especially for group 8, called Moves! Moves has always been in conjunction with DeDDDD's traditional Christmas performances.


During the dance lessons, the students create a narrative dance scene on the basis of a music piece of their choice. The students also provide their scene with costumes, decor and attributes. The students then participate in their dance scene in a competition in the theater, where different schools compete for: 'Who created the best dance scene?' A professional jury selects the winning group that receives free tickets for the Christmas performance


* This educational workshop is no longer available

Talent on the Move | 2014

The Talent on the Move workshop is a wonderful opportunity for amateur dancers (age 12+) to experience the professional dance world up close. The program consists of intensive training in the neoclassical / modern style, a look behind the scenes and a varied performance.

* This educational workshop is no longer available.