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Passion 2023

The most special production of DeDDDD in 2022 took place in the beautiful little church on Kaag Island. A special experience for the dancers and the audience, in this intimate setting, with music by Arvo Pärt, Johann S. Bach & Henryk Gorecki, among others. An almost   'spiritual experience' fitting in the Passiontide.

Artistic director Thom Stuart and the 8 DeDDDD dancers are making a completely new edition for this year, which will touch everyone.


Play dates:

Sat.1 April: 4:00 PM

Sat.1 April: 20:00

Sun.2 April: 4:00 PM (Sold out!)

Thu.6 April: 20:30

Fri.7 April: 20:30

Sat.8 April: 16.00

Sat.8 April: 20.00

Tickets are €36 each. This includes a drink and snack after the performance. 


Church on the Kaag

Julianalaan 7

Kaag eiland

foto passie 2023.jpg
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