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PASSION from DeDDDD is back on the Kaag!

For the third consecutive year, The Dutch Don't Dance Division returns to the small church on Kaag Island for an atmospheric performance during the Passion time: the alternative to the Matthew Passion. 

In one hour, the eight dancers will take you to different atmospheres to beautiful music by Pärt, Godar and of course Bach, although there will be no shortage of surprises. 

In an intimate setting around the dancers, everyone sits in the front row and a shared experience is created. A journey through body and soul, with choreographies by artistic director Thom Stuart and the talented dancers/choreographers Greta Benedetta Zappettini, Mao Ueda & Lorenzo Topino.

Enjoy this compelling performance in combination with a snack, drink and a unique Meet & Greet with our dancers.


21  march : 20.30

22 march: 20:30

23 march: 16.00

23 march: 20.00

24 march: 16.00 (sold out!)

27 march: 20:30 (sold out!)

28 march: 20.30 (sold out!)

29 march: 20.30 (sold out!)

za 30 march: 16.00 (sold out!)

za 30 march: 20.00   (sold out!)

Ticket price: €38,50 including a drink, snack and meet&greet with the dancers.


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