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Huygens Festival

Friday September 22nd 2022

Oude Kerk, Voorburg


An annual tradition is our participation in the Huygens Festival. After previous success, De Dutch Don't Dance Division and the Alkyona Quartet are joining forces again this year for a concert in the Oude Kerk in Voorburg.

The dream world has always been an inspiration for artists. A place where no boundaries exist and where imagination flourishes. But where does a dream begin and stop, or do you also dream when you think? (Constantine Huygens)

During this performance, DeDDDD and the Alkyona Quartet take you on an imaginative journey through music from all times, inspired by dreams and a symbol for dreams and ideologies. Thom Stuart's choreographies to the music of Mendelsshon, Schumann and Parker, among others, are fully in line with this theme. Piet van der Pas, also known from our Christmas productions, will add extra sparkle to the evening with his renditions of a number of poems by Constantijn Huygens himself. 

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