Huygens Festival

Venus, Moed en Liefde

Vrijdag 23 september 2022

Oude Kerk, Voorburg

huygens festival.jpg

For 'Venus, Courage and Love', DeDDDD and the Alkyona Quartet pay tribute to women in general and female composers in particular.

Artistic director Thom Stuart will create a number of new choreographies for the young talents of DeDDDD for this evening.

Kate Moore's 'TranscenDance' inspired Stuart as soon as he heard it at its world premiere last October. The word Dance is in the title for a reason; this music asks to be danced to: an energetic group piece for all 10 dancers!

A completely different atmosphere  en feeling in the adagio from the String Quartet in C Minor by Ethel Smyth, this composition will form the basis for a love duet, a real Pas de Deux, in which the man faithfully the main thing is to make the woman, the ballerina, 'shine'.

Caroline Shaw's 'Echo' will inspire and challenge the dancers to improvise: unpredictable, but always exciting, as the dancers have to be super concentrated and alert in their collaboration, which is palpable to the audience and DeDDDD dancers are great at this.

Fanny Mendelssohn, overshadowed by her brother Felix, should of course not be missing from the program. The Allegro Molto from her string quartet in E-flat will even sound twice and can be seen twice in this program, but in two different interpretations.