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25 t/m 28 december 2024

Amare Theater Den Haag

Choreografie: Thom Stuart | Muziek: Karen Khachaturian

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About us

The Dutch Don't Dance Division (DeDDDD) was created twenty years ago in the living room of Thom Stuart and Rinus Sprong. A solid community has now been built up to a community; introduce young children to the stage; dancers in training and recent graduates learn to spread their wings; keeps retirees and less mobile people moving and gives patients with MS or Parkinson's a chance to work with their bodies. DeDDDD, in her studio at De Gheinstraat, is one of the few places in The Hague, or even in the world, where all these different people meet and share a passion.


A Difference in Dance

From the very beginning, this dance company has had one important goal: to make ballet less elitist. Thom Stuart and Rinus Sprong have always believed that dance should be accessible to everyone and all ages. They have taken ballet from the 'black box' of the theater and brought it to all kinds of stages inside and outside The Hague: from nursing homes to primary schools, from the Hofvijver to the City Hall, from performances by Armin van Buuren to the Grote Kerk, from living rooms to mass choreographies for 1000 amateurs and from break dance to Bollywood.

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The Dutch don't dance
The Dutch don't dance
There are a few who do

Just a few, but if they do
It gets too much for the other Dutch
So they never get a chance

Annie M.G. Schmidt

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