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For the season 2023/2024 De Dutch Don’t Dance Division is looking for young, just graduated professional dancers, as apprentice.

What are we looking for?

• Excellent in contemporary and ballet technique.

• Good partnering skills are essential.

• Graduated from a dance academy no longer than two years ago or Senior (nearly graduated)  student (Bachelor of Dance level) wishing to participate in the company.

• No more than two years of work experience.

• EU nationality and/or working permit


Audition by invitation only!


De Dutch Don’t Dance Division audition:

May 21st 2023

De Gheijnstraat 51, 2562NL The Hague, The Netherlands.

Apply now

Send your motivation with a complete CV, photo’s (at least 1 portrait photo and 1 full body dance photo) and a video to

Contract information:

First year dancers have a trainee contract for the duration of one year with a fee of €375. 

After one year we offer the dancers who stay a second year a contract with a full salary according to Dutch law.

Dancers can only stay with the company for 2 years.

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